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Lesley Bodzy

I am interested in exploring the nexus between painting and sculpture, through the themes of wrapping and unveiling, absence and presence.

I seek to create a unique dialogue with the viewer, by combining unusual materials and juxtaposing surfaces like foam, plexiglass and aluminum. I often use homemade tools, and pour and toss the paint.

With each piece, I embark upon a journey of discovery, for myself and the viewer. I begin with a vision, then change it when confronted with the constraints of the process. Navigating this tension is similar to finding solutions to the challenges we face in life. For me, this is the reward of making art.

"Lesley Bodzy's work reveals a sense of playfulness and encourages interaction from the viewer. She uses vibrant color combinations and traditional mediums like acrylic paint. She applies them to unconventional surfaces, like aluminum and plexiglass, offering a fresh perspective."

Robert Langdon
Emerge Gallery
Saugerties, NY