Lesley Bodzy

Amid the chaos of life you encounter a bit of beauty. It could be a landscape, a face, or someone’s overwhelming kindness, but it stops you in your tracks and a moment of peace is achieved. Providing these moments is my goal as an artist.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I fell in love with the unique light of Southern California. I work to create a similar luminosity, an atmosphere you can breathe.

I am interested in materiality and unique painting surfaces. I seek to entice the viewer and have them centered in the moment.

Looking for tension and balance, contrasting colors and unique shapes, I add mixed media and use unique tools, often pouring and tossing the paint to achieve spontaneous results.

The most exciting moment is when conflicting shapes and colors form serenity amid the chaos. Moving, breathing, full of challenges in our paths, yet for a moment, we are reminded we are alive.